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Debunking The Tax Code Masterclass

Debunking The Tax Code Masterclass


The Complete Masterclass Bundle fully loaded with secrets, tips and tricks used by the 1% in America to almost pay zero in Taxes. 


Get everything you need to save BIG and take control of your finances. 


Included in this offer:

  • Tax Prep Checklist(s) 
  • Financial Tools:
    • P&L Tool Small Business Owners
    • Est. Tax Calculator
  • Vocabulary Handout 
  • Free 1 Hr. Strategy Call
  • Understanding the 5 Major Tax Shelters (9 step by step video lessons)
  • Tax Avoidance VS Tax Evasion
  • Investments
  • Businesses
  • Retirement Accounts
  • HSAs
  • Business Eligibility Explained
  • Tax Deductions
  • Taking Action
  • Important

    This is a digital product. After payment, you will receive an email with instant access. The email will be a zip file for you to unzip and access your purchased product.

    Important: Please make sure you have entered the correct email address to avoid any issues with receiving your order.

    Here are the items we will be including in the bundle:

    • Complete video training (up to 9 videos)
    • Tax Prep Checklist(s)
    • Financial Tools (Excel documents)
      • P&L Tool Small Business Owners
      • Est. Tax Calculator
    • Vocabulary Handout (attached)
    • Free 1 Hr. Strategy Call

    Refund: Due to the digital aspect of this product, there will be no refund after purchase and delivery.

    Copyright: All items in this order is copyrighted by FYE Finance, LLC. This is for your private viewing only. Any sharing, online posting, third party duplicating, re-editing, or tempering is forbidden and will be a violation of our copyright.

    For additional help or to book your free 1-hour Strategy Call included with this order, Please contact our team at

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